Stroll the streets of Vienna through BINDY’S lovesick eyes on her new EP, Dear Diary

BINDY’s  latest  EP, Dear Diary hails as a love letter to love itself; both of new and daring places and the relationships that grow from within them.  

Melbourne based hyper-pop producer and vocalist BINDY has graciously opened the pages of her diaries, exploring the intimacies of overseas living and falling in love.

The two-track EP serves as a dichotomy; beginning with a euphoric glimpse into a love story unfolding on the streets of Vienna, and leading into an unsteady balancing on the precipice of new love laced with uncertainty.


Following the release of her single harder, Dear Diary shows an artist who has honed their skill, while simultaneously reaching new depths. 

Contiki Love Song serves as a delicious, emotive opener. Reminiscent of the 1975 at their most electronically inclined, the pitched and auto-tuned vocals are layered precisely and delicately as BINDY unabashedly ruminates on desire, and the youth of being twenty-two with lines like, “I wanna see you again / no need to tell your friends.”

Lyrically, BINDY is penning her memories and immortalising them with simple yet impossibly relatable lines aimed at her lover. “Do you remember when you kissed me in Vienna in the hallway of the hotel / it just keeps getting better.”

Spending time with this song is like spending time roaming BINDY’S consciousness, absorbing her experiences as if they were one’s own.

Slowing things down with Late Nights in Bristol, BINDY conjures memories of Blink-182, melodies undoubtedly tinged with emo and pop punk sensibilities, though produced with a vulnerability that invites listeners all the way in.

“I’m okay, could be worse,” BINDY delivers such lines with a combination of resignation and longing; a desperation to be understood and to understand, permeating the feigned nonchalance of holding back one’s feelings.

The sparse guitar loop acts a base for the expertly executed production, layers of synth drip-fed and constantly evolving, though never distracting from the sensation of uncertainty, “I ask myself, ‘is this feeling real?’” 

Dear Diary is an invitation to join BINDY and lose yourself in her soundscapes. Listen to the latest EP below.

Words by Caitlin Norris