Black Mirror season five has a trailer and it’s as wild as you’d expect

Black Mirror. The show responsible for pretty much every existential crisis I’ve had in the last few years. Well, season five is on the way, and the first official trailer has just dropped.

Spruiking three new stories, the trailer is jam packed full of future dystopian nightmares. And Miley Cyrus.


The new Black Mirror trailer doesn’t give too much away. Least of all any type of hint at the inevitable and soul crushing twists of each episode.

The most information we can get from the trailer is Miley Cyrus is some sort of pop star (surprise surprise). Anthony Mackie is an online philanderer. Andrew Scott is driven to insanity. And Topher Grace has long hair for some reason. There’s also some sort of augmented reality Tekken type thing going on.

The series drops on Netflix on June 5th, so there isn’t too long to wait. But as we all know, any answers that Black Mirror gives us, are immediately replaced by new questions about our own world and the dangers of technology in our lives.

You can catch the full trailer below. You can also catch me having another existential crisis on June 6th. Godspeed.