Blooming shares their quietly reflective debut album, The Waiting Game

Adelaide based artist, Blooming has just his dropped his quietly reflective and completely immersive debut album, The Waiting Game. The beautifully crafted 6-track release is the stunning accumulation of 10 years of writing, touring and performing.

“Born out of a bruised, battered heart and the desire for redemption through music and live performance, the EP is an introduction to an artist desiring to connect with the world as fully and deeply as possible.”

Blooming’s debut album The Waiting Game is a completely spellbinding combination of calmly reflective lyricism, meditative soundscapes and evocative metaphors of love, loss and personal growth.

Blooming is the entrancing project of South Australian all rounding artist, Patrick Grierson. Portraying his innermost thoughts through a wide array of creative projects, Blooming is a truly stunning accumulation of personal expression.

“Blooming is a moniker chosen basically because I made the choice to continue evolving and expanding as an artist and human being. This has been the product of 10 years of exploring the world of arts and music.”

“That journey has taken me into the worlds of spoken word poetry, meditation, dynamic vocal expression work, performance. Visual art, songwriting and playing in heaps of bands, supporting or helping them to compose their music has also influenced me.”

The young Adelaide artist’s debut album is an utterly spellbinding narrative of love, loss, acceptance and individual growth. The album combines ethereal vocal textures and mesmerising, yet simplistic soundscapes to create a calmly reflective listening experience.

“This project came from a desire to be bigger and bolder and step into the world as an artist in my own right as well as the catharsis of a broken heart.”

Check out Blooming’s mesmerising debut album below!

Blooming will be embarking on a national album launch for the of The Waiting Game, check out tickets near you below!

The Waiting Game Australian single launch

Melbourne, November 10

Canberra, November 25