Blow up doll features in FKA Twiggs’ M3LL155X video

FKA Twigs has shared her third EP, M3LL155X, in an online stream, accompanied by a short self-directed film, which features a blow up sex doll, a pregnant Twigs and some pretty dark and gothic imagery.

video clip

Twigs has already shared two singles of the EP, Glass & Patron and Figure8, plus the EP features three brand new tracks, I’m Your Doll, In Time and Mothercreep. The majority of M3LL155X was recorded in a few days, and was created by Twigs along with tic, Cy An and BOOTS, who previously worked with Twigs back in 2014. M3LL155X follows on from her 2012 album EP1, and 2013’s EP2.