Bob Dylan’s radio segment to return after 11 years off the air

Celebrating all things music and whiskey, Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour will return to the air for the first time since 2009.

Between 2006 and 2009, Bob Dylan would host the Theme Time Radio Hour, a segment where he’d aimlessly talk about a chosen theme and play music that related to that idea. Amongst the 104 total shows was a ‘divorce’ episode, a ‘weather’ episode, a ‘mothers’ episode… you get the drift.

Now Dylan has announced the return of his much-loved segment. The episode ‘Whiskey’ will air on Monday September 21st at 12pm EST, debuting on SiriusXM’s Deep Tracks and later becoming available on Dylan’s personal website.

Bob Dylan Theme Time Radio hour whiskey
Photo: Heaven’s Door Whiskey

Episode 1 of the new series, ‘Whiskey’, comes in partnership with Dylan’s own brand of whiskey named Heaven’s Door and in honour of Bourbon Heritage Month.

Theme Time Radio Hour scratched the same itch that many podcasts do now; it was a beautifully curated, conceptual piece of longform content hosted by a personality you could attach yourself to.

Dylan’s gruff voice turned quite relaxing when he was mid spiel about the significance of a singular lyric in a song he’d chosen, or outlining how he’d hone in on each episode’s curiously open-ended themes.

Earlier this year the eminent songwriter returned to the airwaves in another fashion with Rough and Rowdy Ways, his first album of original songs since 2012.