Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour: listen to 104 free episodes of the songwriter’s lost satellite segment

Folk luminary, Nobel Prizewinner and radio host: prepare to dive into more Bob Dylan goodness than ever with Theme Time Radio Hour.

Beginning in May 2006 and ending in April 2009, thousands of citizens would tune their dials to Theme Time Radio Hour, a regular segment of musical oddities hosted by living legend Bob Dylan.

The tobacco-scarred, measured intonation of Dylan would escort listeners through a chosen theme each episode, ranging anywhere from money, to goodbyes, to the weather. There are 104 episodes total.

Nowadays every single one is archived online, simply waiting to be listened to once more.

bob dylan theme time radio hour 104 episodes

After the final episode aired, Theme Time Radio Hour enjoyed a few years of reruns on digital radio, but was abandoned in 2013. The current website is the result of joint efforts by Bob Dylan’s official fan club and the original publishers.

Start yourself off with episode one: Weather. In this snippet you can hear Dylan discuss his selection of instances where the weather has impacted recorded music, from The Wind Cries Mary by Jimi Hendrix to A Place in the Sun by Stevie Wonder.

Listen here.


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