BOM: prepare for a wetter than average spring all over Australia

BOM: prepare for a wetter than average spring all over Australia

Prepare for a wet season: BOM have released their official 2020 Spring Outlook, telling Australians to expect above average rainfall throughout the nation.

In the words of Ollie Williams, “it’s gon rain”. The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has issued a prediction for the coming season, warning citizens all over Australia of a wetter than average spring.

The 2020 Spring Outlook also notes that overnight temperatures will be above average (except in south-western WA) for this time of year, plus that daytime temperatures will be below average throughout southern Australian, and slightly warmer than average in the north.

BOM 2020 Spring Outlook

Addressing the 2020 Spring Outlook, BOM’s Manager of Climate Operations Dr Andrew Watkins shared:

“Most long-range forecasts analysed by the Bureau, including from our own climate model, are indicating a La Niña could develop in the spring, which typically results in above-average winter-spring rainfall for Australia, particularly across eastern, central, and northern regions.

“A La Niña also typically brings cooler and cloudier days, more tropical cyclones, and an earlier onset of the first rains of the northern wet season.”

Watkins also mentioned the 2020 winter season was “drier than average for every state except New South Wales”, and the period was amongst Australia’s warmest on record – even if it didn’t feel it.

So grab those raincoats before the prices get jacked up, the next couple of months will be moist.


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