Avoid guys with these books on their bookshelf

A viral tweet has warned everyone about the potential red flags on a guy’s bookshelf and the responses are truly hilarious.

You can tell a lot about a person based on their bookshelf – are their books organised by colour? Publication date? Size? Or are they just strewn about in chaos? Do they dog ear their books or use fancy bookmarks? Even then, is their favourite book Wuthering Heights? Catcher in the Rye? 1984? The Handmaid’s Tale? 

There’s a really beautiful quote by Robert Montgomery, “the people you love become ghosts inside of you”, that author Emma Forrest has perfectly analysed by explaining “I feel like the books we love do too [become ghosts inside of us]” because “books have an energetic power – you can hold them in your hand and know that there’s power.” Forrest’s assertion is really the perfect description of why books can tell us so much about a person.

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Well, Twitter got into a heated debate this week about how certain books on a guy’s bookshelf are red flags and it all started with this tweet:

People have not been afraid to share their opinions, from:



As well as this wholesome tweet:

Deciding what’s a red flag ultimately depends on you, but there may be one that’s universally agreed upon: he doesn’t even own a bookshelf!