Bored as hell, Australians in isolation are dressing up to take the bins out

Self-isolation has undoubtedly driven most of us absolutely insane. Heaps of Aussies have come to realise that the only time they’re able to leave the house is to take the bins out. They’ve decided to dress up, dress down, or barely dress at all for the nightly occasion.

It’s true that boredom can actually encourage the most interesting ideas.

All photos: Bin isolation outing via Facebook

Self-isolation hasAustralians looking for any excuse to dress their Sunday best, including taking the bins out. Aussies are dressing up for the occasion.

The trend started with Queenslander, Danielle Askew, when she brought the idea to her neighbours. She told Bored Panda:

“My friend put a meme on her Facebook page ‘Day 6 of isolation excited it’s bin night so I get to go out’. I dared her to dress up for it and she said she would,”

And so she did.

Askew promptly made a Facebook page called ‘Bin isolation outing’ to promote her idea, all in the name of fun. The page soon spread throughout the interwebs and her idea went viral.

“I made the page to make my friends laugh as I live to make people laugh,” she said. “I’m amazed at how it has gone viral, I feel people just need a reason to smile, a reason to dress up and a reason to look forward to the next day.”

The page now has over 523,000 likes and people have taken to social media to post pics of their “night out” to the curb. Many Aussies have discovered that taking the bins out for garbage day can in fact become a fancy affair, if they really want it to be.

Click here to access the page for your viewing pleasure, and check out a few of our favourites below.