Beau Bowen will transport you back in time with 'A Rock 'N' Roll Story' -

Beau Bowen will transport you back in time with ‘A Rock ‘N’ Roll Story’

Aussie artist Beau Bowen, now based in London, has just released his latest single A Rock ‘N’ Roll Story.

After just one spin through, it can be declared with utmost confidence that Beau Bowen is an artist that absolutely everyone needs to hear. 

Beau Bowen

Nostalgic rock ‘n’ roll glamour, soaring electric guitar, and wailing vocals help Beau Bowen to deliver an energy that’s strangely familiar, yet unlike anything you’ve heard in recent years.

2020 was set to be a huge year for Bowen who was planning on a big run of shows across the UK, but of course, the dreaded coronavirus came into play and put a halt on tour plans. But has Bowen let that slow him down? Of course not, and this new release has effortlessly proven the immense talent and skill of this artist, foreshadowing the heights he will soon reach.

A self-described star child in flares, Beau Bowen creates music which functions as a time machine, transporting you back to a time where everything was much more… wow. Building songs of colossal proportion, Rock ‘N’ Roll Story is an explosion of vibrant and colourful sonic waves, reminiscent of some of the biggest icons from the 1970’s.

As the song begins, we are teleported straight into a parallel universe, one where Beau Bowen sits as a legend among the likes of Led Zeppelin and Guns N’ Roses. The song’s initial slow burn declares this song as an anthem within seconds, and after more than a minute the song erupts into a cosmic explosion, driven by powerful electric guitars. Creating an extra level of nostalgia, Beau Bowen uses vintage synthesisers which builds up chaotically, taking a dark turn, reminiscent of glam-mental, before its sudden shift back to a slower pace. A roller-coaster, slap in the face kind of musical journey which leaves you feeling electrified. 

It is hard to fault this incredibly melodic, attitude-filled track. This could be thanks to the flawless production from Miles James, mixing by five-time Grammy Award winner Jimmy Douglas, who has worked with the likes of Led Zeppelin, Roxy Music and Timberland, as well as mastering by Grammy-winner Mike Bozzi who has worked with Kendrick Lamar, Tupac and Childish Gambino. 

A Rock ‘n’ Roll Story is a taste of Beau Bowen’s upcoming album The Great Anticlimax, which is set to be huge. Think heart-breaking tales of a failed romance with a stripper kind of huge. Yep, that huge. Unapologetically loud, Bowen’s unique sound will most certainly dazzle you. Listen to Rock ‘N’ Roll Story above.