Flume opens up about ass eating, anxiety, and quitting music in new isolation podcast

Flume opens up about ass eating, anxiety, and quitting music in new isolation podcast

Harley Streten, better known as Flume, recently took part in the My Friend Podcast and opened up about the highs and lows of his superstar lifestyle. The producer is currently isolating in LA with his girlfriend Paige Elkington, the host of the podcast.

They reveal all about anxiety, fame, and that ass eating incident in the 35-minute episode.

Flume opens up about ass eating, anxiety, and quitting music in isolation podcast

Flume opens up about alcohol, anxiety, almost quitting music, and Burning Man in a brand new podcast interview with his girlfriend.

Flume recently went viral for mashing his face up against his girlfriend’s behind on stage at Burning Man. The video is completely PG, no actual ass-eating was involved, but the producer gained a lot of attention.

In the podcast, Flume and Elkington react to their recent ass-eating incident. Flume goes on to describe the hilarious reaction of his conservative family back home.“It spread like coronavirus!” he said.

“I got the opposite of being cancelled,” he added, despite the media’s attempt to shed a bad light on him.

The incident also endorsed a weird reaction from his family.

“Everyone’s thinking about it. No one’s saying it… My uncle is a cop, straight down the line. Goes to church… I’m the devil to him!” Flume revealed.


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It was a joke (sorry mum) 🍑

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He then dove into his mother’s reaction, quoting her directly:

“‘You know what, honey? I’m just going to stop following the Google alerts. I think I get enough information’ …It’s probably for the best.”

Flume also opened up about his mental health, revealing some dark times where he relied on alcohol to cope with his anxieties around performing.

“When performing, I would drink to calm nerves, to make it bearable,” he described. “I’m just not a performer and I’ve definitely used alcohol to feel comfortable on stage in front of a bunch of people, it was a pattern and it was getting pretty bad.”

Flume reveals that he knew he ought to seek therapy when he almost decided that he wanted to quit music. The star now uses a combination of therapy, meditation and meditation to cope with touring. He’s definitely not quitting music anytime soon.

“I’m learning to be kind to myself, I’ve always been quite harsh on myself and I think it’s helped me be productive and work hard and get to where I am. This anxiety of becoming irrelevant or not putting out enough music, doing something better than the last project, growing and evolving. I’ve had a great work ethic and it’s because the anxiety drove that.”

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