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BOSS Metal Zone to feature in COVID-19 vaccine, apparently

The 5G conspiracy theory has been one of the most prevalent throughout the pandemic. Who would have thought that the BOSS Metal Zone would play a role?

Love it or hate it, the Metal Zone is one of the most iconic pedals in the hallowed BOSS stable. And this humble distortion pedal has seemingly pulled the wool over the eyes of more than a few COVID-19 conspiracy theorists.

The image below has been doing the rounds and was picked by an Italian software engineer, Mario Fusco, and outed on Twitter. Understandably, the responses have been pretty hilarious.

COVID-19 5G chip

The thought that 5G cellular towers are responsible for the spread of Coronavirus is far fetched, to say the least. Somehow inserting a 5G ‘chip’ into a vaccine takes the theory to a whole new level of madness.

So while the people of the world need not worry about 5G somehow being inserted into their bloodstream, the ‘news’ has been understandably excellent fodder for pedalboard nerds. See below for a couple of cracking responses: