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Justin Bieber wants to get his ass kicked in a fight with Tom Cruise

Along with the release of his music video for Anyone, Justin Bieber has returned to his time-old joke of confronting Tom Cruise in the boxing ring.

What a way to kick off the year! The Biebs has dropped his new music video, Anyone, announced that he’s left the Hillsong Church, and has challenged Tom Cruise to a fight.

The Rocky-inspired video portrays Bieber as an aspiring boxer training for his final fight, with actress Zoey Deutch by his side.

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Image: Stereogum

In anticipation for the release, Bieber posted a boxing image on Instagram, coupled with the caption “Tom Cruise is toast.” I am left with only one question, what on earth did dreamboat Tom Cruise do to deserve this?


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The running gag began mid-2019 on Twitter, when Bieber challenged Cruise to a charity fight in the octagon: “if you don’t take this fight your scared and you will never live it down.” 

Bieber and his poor grammar skills were shunned with an overwhelming wave of fans agreeing that Tom Cruise would absolutely kick his butt.

What drove Justin to reignite this strange flame one year later, I do not know. Was he just wanting to continue the joke? Or is this an attempt to fulfil his Rocky, Belieber destiny?

Instagram fans hopped on the possibility of a fight, even Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson commented: “You’re gonna eat lightning and crap thunder, go get em bro.” 

As much as I would love to see Tom Cruise get in a boxing ring, I’m going to have to side with Bieber’s mum on this, who commented: “WHY!!???”. 

Watch Bieber’s music video below: