Rob.V delves into the ‘Deep Blue’ waves of electro-synth on his new single

Opulent production, dynamic grooves, and glittering with bouts of pop-rock: we introduce to you the solo project of Rob.V.

Despite the world’s current stance of strife, it is still summer here in the Southern Hemisphere. In divine timing, Rob.V offers up a sonic slice of tropical swagger. As a veteran in the industry, this feel-good tune does not come in vain. He knows exactly what buttons to press and this new release definitely quenches some unrealised thirst.

Western Australia based producer and long-time performer Rob Vermeulen is defining himself all over again. Having previously played guitar for rock bands Dig the Dust and 43Cambridge, he takes the plunge into warmer waters with his new solo project Rob.V. Infectious and fruitful, his latest track Deep Blue teases the experimental depths of an upcoming album.

rob v

Deep Blue begins exactly as you’d expect. Glowing with the effects of treated synth and reversed snare hits, you are completely transported to an underwater oasis. Once nestled into these tidal sensations, the accompanying vocals of Amber Shei wash over you in waves. This tonic of electro-pop and soul gives way to spicier moments of funk-inspired bass lines and rock sensibilities.

Rob.V conducts a fusion of genre that’s both thrilling and unpredictable. His anthem vocals are reminiscent of a dramatic ’80s purr likened to that of INXS frontman Michael Hutchence. This palpable reference is welcome and leads Deep Blue into sultry waters whilst the sub-bass quickens and the harmonies soar.


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Along with this dynamic release, the psychedelic video for Deep Blue dials up the beachy connotations. Turquoise hues collide with surf montages and underwater scenes. Spliced together with bright yellow tinged footage of Rob himself on the foreshore, the clip paints a sunny depiction of an energising and visceral soundtrack to the summer.

Deep Blue follows on from the first single New Age and teases Rob.V’s debut album Illusions which drops next month. If his first two releases tell us anything about the music to come, it’s that you can’t expect any one thing.

You can pre-save Deep Blue on all platforms here.

And enjoy the visual experience of the full clip below: