Box Falcon provide the soundtrack for all your badass shenanigans with new double A-side single

Get ready to meet the hard-hitting, grungy blues goodness of Box Falcon. The four-piece have just served up their new double A-side single release, and if you’re not already familiar with the band, this is the perfect introduction.

Box Falcon’s new sound is worlds away from the acoustic guitars and stomp boxes they started out with, swapping for a punchy and aggressive drum beat, and screaming blues guitar riffs.

box falcon

Brisbane-based blues rockers Box Falcon are back with a rebellious, riff-fuelled, and foot-stomping double A-side single.

Starting out with the curiosity-sparking intro of Deep Slide Blues, Box Falcon slide that needle straight into your vein, then when it hits with the dark dirty bass, drums and sexy riffs, the drug takes over. The whole atmosphere sucks you in and completely immerses you in lush suspense.

Deep Slide Blues will transport you to a world of drugs, guns and bad habits. The attitude in this song is unbridled, so brace yourself! This flows on flawlessly to Poor Boy, which packs a punch right from the get-go.

Again, this a track that pulls you right in with its suspense and tension, making you feel like you’re ready to fight anything that comes at you. Originally written in a hotel room while away from friends and family, Poor Boy is a lonesome blues tune brimming with raw and genuine feeling.

The extreme emotion and intensity of the vocal performance, as well as the deep richness of the vocals themselves, really add to the whole atmosphere.

There are 150 gorgeous limited edition 7″ orange vinyl copies of the record available, individually numbered, only at their live shows or directly from the band website, so snap them up quick!

Before you do anything else today, make sure to check out the new double A-side single above.