Meet Endel, the AI releasing 20 albums through Warner Music

As AI becomes increasingly advanced/terrifying (depending on who you ask), we have to wonder if perhaps Elon Musk is right about the dangers it may pose to humanity.

Artificial intelligence’s musical abilities have advanced a lot since its first shitty attempts. Now German-based algorithm Endel has committed to releasing 20 albums with Warner Music Group, leaving musicians questioning what the future may hold for them, and where the value in music comes from.

Endel record deal

This week may mark the beginning of the end for songwriters as an algorithm signs a major record deal with Warner Music Group.

Endel uses different stimuli such as mood, heart rate, bodily rhythms and the weather to craft musical soundscapes with specific purposes in mind, be it sleep, focus, or taking over the world. The algorithm has already released five LPs – all different variations on sleep, and is expected to release another 20 by the end of the year based on focus and relaxation.

Endel is also available through an app for iOS and Android, allowing users to customise their listening experience. For more details on how the technology works, check out the video below of its demo at Techstars Music.

Is it creepy? Should musicians be worried? Or is it super cool? The jury is still out.