While it’s far from a chart topper, you can now listen to the first song composed completely by an artificial intelligence

Jukedeck Research have just released the first song to ever be fully written and produced from start to finish by a computer using artificial intelligence.

The computer was prompted with only two pivotal components – genre and duration – the rest was completely machine-made.

Photo by Jukedeck Research
Photo by Jukedeck Research

Although you might not be able to tell, the computer-generated song was an extremely meticulous process – one that companies have been trying to nail for years.

To create the 21 second track, Jukedeck “asked our composition system for 8 bars of piano music, and used our new audio synthesis algorithm — powered by neural networks — to synthesise these eight bars using an upright piano sound.”

Listen to Upright piano audio synthesis below:

Although Jukedeck have passed a milestone, they are not the first company to experiment with the creative potential of robots.

In June, Google released a track composed from a machine from their Magenta Project.

In September, SONY CSL Research Laboratory created two pop songs using artificial intelligence using their Flow Machines. Daddy’s Car is in the style of the Beatles, while Mr Shadow is reminiscent of Irving Berlin, Duke Ellington, George Gershwin and Cole Porter. Not completely untouched by humans, in this instance Benoît Carré played a significant part in composition. The Sony Research team plan to release an artificial intelligence pop album in 2017.

The fine art world has also crossed over with artificial intelligence. Patrick Tresset is one spectacular British artist who has been exercising the creative potential of computers by teaching a pair of robots to recognise faces and then draw them.

Although 2016 has exemplified fun and astonishing aspects of computer generated art, it opens up discussion to the capabilities of artificial intelligence which are seemingly endless.

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