Boy Destroy releases buoyant new single ‘Left Handed’

Boy Destroy divulges his deepest, darkest fears in the effervescent track, Left Handed ahead of sophomore EP launch.

Contrasting upbeat alt-pop sonics with his gloomy lyrics is Swedish alternative artist, Boy Destroy. Since his debut EP, Warpaint launched in 2021, he has been making waves in the alternative music scene for his transgression and genre-fusing approach.

Boy Destroy has described himself as “tears on paper…a morbid mind trying to make sense of the unknown,” which is a beautiful way to sum up the sound of his latest single, Left Handed – a macabre earworm that candidly captures his deepest and darkest fears.

Credit: Press

Left Handed is a single that sees Boy Destroy explore dreams and nightmares. He shares with Happy, “I have had nightmares since I was a child. The liberating but also claustrophobic feeling that anything can happen. Like running from room to room in a warped hotel with flickering lights and strange, screeching sounds in your ears.”

Boy Destroy continues, “the title is referring to everything being upside down. I’m not left-handed in real life, but here somehow I wake up and I am. I wove more hallucinatory attributes into the lyrics: Losing teeth, losing hair, skin suddenly shrinking all over my body and I can’t move. Sometimes the dream is more real than reality.”

Credit: Press

Left Handed is a track with vibrant melodic synths and thudding beats, accompanied by vocals that spiral down the vortex of nightmares and the feeling of claustrophobia that comes in the form of addictive lyrical hooks.

The track is released alongside a captivating music video that perfectly encapsulates the vibe of Left Handed. Showcasing vivid scenes depicting the nightmares he speaks of, the stunning visualiser takes us on an immersive trip inside the mind of Boy Destroy.

Left Handed is just a taste of what’s to come from Boy Destroy, with his much anticipated second EP due for release in February 2023.

Stream Left Handed via Spotify below.