BoyBoy melts his aspirations into soothing RnB on his video for ‘Old School’

We so often find ourselves wrapped up in daydreams, imagining what our lives could be. While wading in these reflections too long can be dangerous, for brief periods of time it can be nourishing, calming even to conjure a world different to our own. On his latest single and music video, BoyBoy (a.k.a Mathew Ayambo) manifests himself a vision of what his career and life could become and uses the time to rest, replenish, and re-imagine.

Old School is immediately calming; soft beats and jazz swells create a twilight hue, casting the artist’s words into a world entirely of his own. It’s a soundscape that will protect you from everything unexpected and will help deliver you into the world wished for – much like a daydream.

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In his new music video, BoyBoy spins his fantasies into a nourishing haven. Old School traces golden images and calming afternoons, to arrive in the future you have always dreamt of.

From the minute his video starts, you can tell that everything about the 23-year-old Perth local’s latest track is Old School. From the film edging of the video to its mellow tones, the artist creates a gorgeous connection between the future we dream for ourselves and the comfort of nostalgia. Throw in sweltering guitar riffs and sunny hooks and you’ve got yourself BoyBoy’s addictive new release.

“Old School to me is a song that discusses the joys of my time making music and also what could be in the future if all goes well,” the artist explains. “When writing for Old School, I was at the time tired of the regular 9-5 life and I seemed to have lost inspiration for music. I imagined how life would be if my music became popular overnight and the difference between the normal day to day I currently live and the ‘rich life’ per se.”


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While his entire catalogue boasts the same sonic sensitivityOld School feels more refined, more certain. In areas that production could easily fill, Ayambo carefully refrains and makes way for richer nuances to echo throughout the track. Likewise, his video feels minimalistic but in the most powerful way. He has crafted an ambience that mirrors the comfort brought to us through imagination and introspection.

Old School is a testament to the abilities of the self-taught producer. Still fresh in the game, there’s a lot to look out for from BoyBoy. “With my music, I aim to tell stories of where I am at in life at those particular moments,” Ayambo concludes. “I aim to make whoever listens to my songs feel what I feel when I make it.” 

Check out Old School below: