Rilo Kiley is set to release their 'lost' self-titled first album

Rilo Kiley is set to release their ‘lost’ self-titled first album

Rilo Kiley has announced that they will be releasing their self-titled first album on vinyl. It will also be uploaded to streaming platforms for the first time in October. The long out-of-print and rare debut was previously only available on CD at Rilo Kiley’s early shows.

The self-titled LP became known as Rilo Kiley’s ‘lost’ first album, pre-dating the LA group’s “official” debut LP: 2001’s Take Offs and Landings. Rilo Kiley, led by Jenny Lewis, were emo-turned-indie, leaning heavily into the sound of the ’90s on their unofficial first release.rilo kiley

The ‘lost’ self-titled debut from indie rockers Rilo Kiley is getting its first vinyl release and is headed to streaming platforms.

The 1999 self-titled album was reissued with an extra track in 2000. It is sometimes referred to as The Initial Friend, after it was reissued in 2001 as an EP with the alternate title, varied tracklisting and a new cover photo.

The band performed their first ever gig at Spaceland in 1998. Comedian Dave Foley recalls the performance: “Between songs, they were charming, smart and funny. During the songs they were brilliant. After the set, I introduced myself and learned that this was their first public performance. I was astonished.”

Rilo Kiley disbanded in 2011, and haven’t released anything since 2013’s Rkives, a compilation album that featured The Frug. Check out The Frug video below and pre-order the rare vinyl at the Little Record Company.