Supergroup boygenius have dropped three incredible new singles

Supergroup boygenius have dropped three incredible new singles

Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, and Julien Baker’s supergroup boygenius have announced their new album the record, previewing it with three stunning new singles.

Almost five years after the release of their critically acclaimed self-titled EP, the sadgirl holy trinity boygenius are back with new singles, $20Emily I’m Sorry and True Blue.

The singles are taken from their upcoming full-length debut the record, due for release on the 31st of March via Polydor / Insterscope Records. If these singles are anything to go off, the record is looking very promising.

boygenius phoebe bridgers lucy dacus julien baker
Credit: Lera Pentelute

boygenius’ previous work, 2018’s boygenius EP became an instant classic upon its release. Featuring six tracks, with Bridgers, Dacus and Baker taking turns singing lead vocals, the project was born out of a mutual admiration and friendship between the three acclaimed singer-songwriters. The EP received incredibly positive reviews from critics, including a coveted Best New Music label from Pitchfork (something their new single $20 has also now earned) and a perfect 5-star rating from NME.

The boygenius EP showcased the talents of three of the most exciting young singers in the indie-folk scene. The songs on the EP were a mix of personal and introspective lyrics, delivered with raw emotion by each of the artists. The EP also featured some of the most potent harmonies and guitar work, which was a testament to the artists’ musical prowess. The songs on the EP were a powerful demonstration of the synergy that can be created when three great talents come together to create something special.

Listen to $20Emily I’m Sorry and True Blue below: