Bravo Bonez opens space for reflection and escape on his new project ‘Haikyo’

Haikyo: ruins or abandonment. On his latest project, Bravo Bonez does quite the opposite of his title, allowing listeners a space for pause and reflection.

Bravo Bonez is back with another project to sweep you off your feet.

A collection of 13 short tracks, the debut album from HaikyoNumber One, is a multi-dimensional journey that takes you through different vignettes of experience and nature. It is a release to get lost in, it is a release to find yourself in.

bravo bonez Haikyo

Bravo Bonez is no stranger to the ambient playbook. In fact, his visionary releases have contributed greatly to it. Haikyo is yet another immaculate addition.

Growing from the ground upwards, Number One beckons the listener into lush forests, teeming with nuance and introspection. Rich in their simplicity, each track offers space for growth and reflection, a trait very hard to find in today’s industry.

From the sparkling edges of Evening Lights to the blossoming earthiness of Tree Horn, this release has something to offer everyone. In fact, its charm lies in its accessibility. Bonez has left room open for everyone to find their own path, to see what they need to see.

It’s what he does best: creating thoughtful, beautiful masterpieces of sound.

Dive into this incredible release below: