‘Demon’s Souls’: Kanye West character made to keep it on God

Following his shock defeat in the 2020 presidential election, Kanye West has been spotted not in Wyoming, but instead in the Demon’s Souls remake.

YouTuber Rehv’s Basement posted a guide to making a virtual Kanye West doppelgänger as he goes on a Kanye Quest through Demon’s Souls. One of the biggest improvements from the 2009 PS3 original is the new character creation system; while the original’s results resembled a Play-Doh humanoid, the remake allows for avatars resembling actual human beings.

While this Yeezus facsimile does appear to be a bit more heavyset than his real-life counterpart, that extra bulk is probably needed to navigate the many dangers in the world of Boletaria. It was not confirmed how this version of the multi-hyphenate performed in battle by keeping it “300 like the Romans” or if he respawned to the tune of Good Morning.

Demon's Souls Kanye Character
Image: Bluepoint Games/Rehv’s Basement

While Demon’s Souls is not a role-playing game in the traditional sense, there is certainly a lot of fun that can be had with playing as Kanye West. For maximum immersion, a Faith build is recommended to cast Miracles in that Christ-like manner because “that’s on God”.

Considering that a fair amount of in-game armour and clothing resembles pieces off West’s Yeezy line or from the POWER music video, you can deck your virtual Kanye in an outfit with a Kanye Vest that he may wear in the near-future.

With Demon’s Souls having multiplayer, it is only a matter of time before someone makes a Jay-Z clone so that they can Watch the Throne since a sequel will never come out, or a Taylor Swift copy to invade Kanye’s world as revenge for 2009.


All in all, this seems like a good way to express your status as a Kanye fan without getting into conversations about his problematic politics or his ongoing mental health struggles, though it is almost impossible to separate the artist from his work at this point (you shouldn’t considering how art is informed by an artist as a personal being).

Besides this creation, other Demon’s Souls players have found different outlets for creative expression. One player has managed to beat the Tower Knight boss using a set of Donkey Kong Bongos, with plans for a full playthrough.

Check the Rehv’s Basement channel here.