PS5 modder beats ‘Demon’s Souls’ boss with DK Bongos

In today’s episode of Has Science Gone Too Far?, a PS5 modder has beaten the Tower Knight boss from Demon’s Souls using Donkey Kong Bongos.

When YouTuber/Twitch streamer Super Louis 64 connected two DK Bongo controllers to his PS5, the first challenge was mapping inputs. While Demon’s Souls has 20 different inputs, each pair of bongos only has five, making a total of 10 usable inputs.

To work his way around this limitation, the streamer was forced to disregard the block button (don’t need to block if you don’t get hit) and camera movement, since the bongos have no joysticks. However, he was able to map an R3-equivalent input to reset the camera.

Demon's Souls
Image: Bluepoint Games

While the tutorial Vanguard Demon boss was surprisingly easy and regular enemies were able to be navigated through, Louis found himself in considerable trouble versus the Tower Demon boss stemming from his controller hubris.

The incredible size of the boss posed a major problem versus the streamer unable to move his camera, forced to make use of the game’s lock-on feature to be able to orient himself in the fight. Louis also had to contend with archers flanking him from both sides.

Forced to “let Jesus take the wheel”, Louis eventually beat the boss after burning many calories through rolling. While he only continued the playthrough up to the Armor Spider boss, it seems that beating the game with the DK Bongos is within the realm of possibility.

Besides this experiment, Louis has completed a No Death Run of Dark Souls 3 with a Guitar Hero controller, a normal run with a set of bananas, and Nier: Automata with a dance pad. He is planning to beat Halo 2 on Legendary difficulty with a Guitar Hero controller.

Controller modding has proven to be a popular category within the gaming community. Kiwi streamer Rudeism is one of the most prominent figures in this sub-community, having played Overwatch with a baguette and a set of teacups. Check his Twitch here.

Check out Super Louis 64’s Twitch here.