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‘Demon’s Souls’ remake: secret intended to last for a while solved in a week

Following the release of the Demon’s Souls remake, players found a locked door that was not in the original. And just like that, the secret has now been solved.

Famed Souls speedrunner Christian “Distortion2” Licht has become the first player to get past the secret door and receive its reward. By collecting Ceramic Coins new to the remake scattered across the Demon’s Souls world of Boletaria, Distortion2 traded 26 of those in to in-game merchant Sparkly the Crow for a Rusty Key used to unlock the door.

These coins can only be found when in Pure Black or Pure White World Tendency (the game’s difficulty modifier), with a limited amount available, requiring multiple playthroughs to accumulate the 26 necessary.

Demon's Souls
Image: Bluepoint Games

The door — located in World 1-3 — is hidden behind some barrels, boxes, and an Illusory Wall. When it was first found, the Souls fanbase went crazy and immediately got work trying to find the solution like scientists working on the COVID-19 vaccine.

While some initially suspected Gold Coins were the answer — much like Bluepoint’s Shadow of the Colossus remake — it turned out that Ceramic Coins were what was required.

What is the reward awaiting behind the door? A Penetrator armour set worn by the boss of the same name. Based off images snapped by Distortion2 and various users, it looks sick (but since it’s a Souls game, armour doesn’t matter).

Fans expected a new secret in the Demon’s Souls remake, considering that Bluepoint Games included a similar puzzle in the Shadow of the Colossus remake. In that game, collecting 79 Gold Coins scattered across the world would unlock a secret door containing the Sword of Dormin, the strongest sword in the game.

It appears that while Bluepoint Games will probably only work on remakes/remasters in the near future, the Austin, Texas-based studio has a signature trademark of its own in these new secrets. Players are eagerly awaiting for whichever title they will modernise next.

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