Roman Tragedy are the latest pop-punk power-duo to hit your airwaves

Self-describing their project as “women in the act of becoming”, Roman Tragedy are a ragingly cool femme-duo that pack a punch.

Unapologetic, talented, and a little bit angry, Roman Tragedy are everything a girl band should be. Yet, it’s clear that Maz and Josie aren’t throwing their ambition to the wind. Committed to conveying the strength in vulnerability, their songs are raw with feminine honesty.

Their new single If You Knew What You Want is the perfect credit roller for early 2000s movies like Freaky Friday or She’s the Man. It’s the kind of spirited track that would leave you believing that high-school throwback film you just watched was pure gold. Bouncing with pop-punk aesthetics and exciting guitar work, Roman Tragedy wave the feminist flag with esteemed pride.

Photo: Ivan Souriyavong

Playful keys ignite the song’s first moments, like a poignant Regina Spektor folk-ballad. But this couldn’t be further from the truth of If You Knew What You Want. Immediately after, Roman Tragedy catapults you forward – free falling into a hipster, jeans-wearing mosh of 2003, with chugging guitars engulf you, happily. Octave defying vocals from Maz lick the four walls of this frenzied track. On first listen, many parallels could be drawn with likes of Paramore’s Hayley Williams, but this duo scream individuality too loudly for that comparison to be upheld.

As far as band meet-cutes go, Roman Tragedy hold the record for most nuanced. Originally meeting in Japanese bookshop, lead vocalist Maz and guitarist Josie have been inseparable ever since. Their band bio describes their chemistry with fervent charm:

“They are the centremost sliver of gold in the venn diagram between A+ Twitter memes, loveable personalities, infectious ambition and equally bright and brash, fist-pump-worthy power-pop ebullience.”


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Their previous anthem Bittersweet is already in heavy rotation over at Idobe Anthm and Idobe Radio. We predict If You Knew What You Want will be soon parading is nostalgic new millennium vibes everywhere.

Produced at the hands of Chris Blancato (Hellions, Bare Bones), Roman Tragedy are as addictive as they are fun.

Dive in and enjoy their coming of age vibrancy on Spotify below: