Bravo Bonez is back with another captivating LearningToDive single, ‘Falling Leaves’

Rich sonic landscapes, unexplored territories, and worlds that are yet to be created. Bravo Bonez never disappoints.

If you are looking for a soundscape to lose yourself in, the work of Bravo Bonez is always a good place to start.

The artist has returned with another single from his Learning To Dive identity, Falling Leaves: a vivid, four-minute sojourn that builds itself like clay, spinning and morphing into an otherworldly landscape.

bravo bonez

Opening with a vast, oceanic landscape, Bonez slowly adds detail and texture to his track with visceral bites of synth. His entire artistic vision is, in fact, executed by the time his vocals enter, employ the soundscape as the finished masterpiece and his lyrics as the varnish on top.

The listener is then abruptly chartered across highs and lows, valleys and troughs, before arriving at an almost orchestral climax. Bonez proceeds to pull back, refine, and then amplify his beats in the direction of trip-hop. At its core, the artist has built a living, breathing soundscape that grapples with the concept of decay and mortality.


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“Falling Leaves was written before Covid-19 appeared, but for some reason it connects with the current zeitgeist, speaking to death, loss, sadness and fear of mortality,” the artist explains. “The track evokes the sensation of watching others slowly pass away, consequently creating an apprehension as to one’s state of living, and the inevitability of death.”

The song was recorded and produced at Ocean Sound Studios in Norway and PureSound Studios in NZ. It was co-produced by Greg Haver (Manic Street Preachers, Mel C) and Bravo Bonez, mixed by Clint Murphy (50 Cent, Devilskin), and features vocalist Alba Rose.

Do yourselves a favour and dive into this captivating release below: