Bravo Bonez explores new sonic territories on his new LearningToDive single ‘High and Dry’

On his new single, Bravo Bonez has traded glossy beats for twilight hues. High and Dry is an exciting new chapter for the artist, one that sees him expand his sonic into unchartered territories.

Bravo Bonez has returned with a dark, captivating new single High and Dry.

The first track off his upcoming EP, the single is an exciting taster of what’s to come for the artist and the new sonic realms that he finds himself in.

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High and Dry is a subtly hypnotic soundscape that cascades around you like silk. But unlike the fabric itself, which has always been associated with delicacy and frailty, this single feels like it could lift you up into the air, into a completely different setting.

From its soft, airy beginnings, the track slowly builds itself into a fully realised landscape, one that twists and flows through a bass-driven melody and otherworldly harmonies. Where his last EP ushered in a cosmopolitan feel with trip-hop blends and rich textures, High and Dry brings the artist’s sound into a realm of cosmic colours and tones. It’s a brand new chapter, and an exciting one to watch.


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“The last four years has seen Bravo Bonez seriously question some of the assumptions he has made about his place in the world, and his responsibilities as a husband, father, society member and denizen of this fragile blue planet,” the artist’s bio reads. “In essence, Bravo has become frustrated with the path of Mammon, and “High and Dry” is a response to this. It is also a “mea culpa” from a number of other perspectives and addresses the dynamics of power, trust and betrayal.”

This single is the first taster off Bonez’s upcoming EP Norwegian Pop under his ‘LearningToDive’ identity, which is a collection of music that reflects exactly what its name suggests: nocturnal textures, post-punk influences, and dark, hypnotic hues. . You would assume that these dark, ethereal soundscapes are where the artist feels most comfortable, but a simple look back at his catalogue shows that it’s certainly not the case. Norwegian Pop highlights the artist’s incredible versatility and talent for crafting living, breathing sonic universes. It’s a fresh and exciting new chapter that has us waiting in anticipation to see where he goes next.

The track was co-produced by renowned producer Greg Haver (Manic Street Preachers, Mel C) and Bravo Bonez, and mixed by award-winning engineer Clint Murphy (50 Cent, Kimbra, Ladyhawke). Recorded at the stunning Ocean Sound Recordings in Norway, backing vocals were supplied by up and coming singer/songwriter Alba Rose.

Check out the track here.