Bravo Bonez’ new project releases soaring, ’80s-inspired anthem ‘Rainbow Fall’

Bravo Bonez has crafted a track that recognises hope as paramount for such a tumultuous time, quipping nostalgic instrumentation.

Bravo Bonez has several musical identities. His recent Love Blast Lounge EP was a retro lo-fi offering. LearningToDive is his 80s inspired post-punk pop and rock identity and the recent single releases are leading up to the release of a six track EP, titled Norwegian Pop, due in late March.

Much like Bravo Bonez’s debut EP Love Blast Lounge, the artist’s observations are delivered on the back of gloriously atmospheric production. Chugging along with the temperament of John Farnham’s You’re The Voice, his newest offering, Rainbow Fall, is full of vigour, spirit, and social commentary.

Bravo Bonez

We already knew Bravo Bonez has an ear for production, with a knack for blending unique instruments to create rich textures. Still, this time around on  Rainbow Fall, his observations on the world’s state will take centre stage. There’s no denying that we’ve reached a pivotal moment in time – for example, the ongoing fight to minimise COVID-19 and a new administration in the US.

However, Bonez combats these feelings of uncertainty and fear with wisdom and hope. When commenting about Rainbow Fall, he beckons us to “remember the lessons of history” and embrace the universal importance of “forgiveness, reconciliation, humanity, humility” – a relevant message for a relevant time.

Rainbow Fall – Single Artwork

For such a grand statement, traveller Bonez understood that an anthemic structure would be fitting. Recording at both Ocean Sound Recordings in Norway and Puresound Studios in New Zealand – home of the artist, a diverse selection of instruments are utilised. Like Chariots of Fire, soaring synths bring the listener into the atmospheric track; however, they are positioned with an 80s-inspired, electric guitar chug, powerful drum work and a “pulsing bass”, which glues all the unique choices together. The nostalgic sound of Rainbow Fall ends up culminating into a warm and familiar sonic experience, paving the way for the foresighted lyrics to shine through.

“We want no prejudice, we want a world that’s fair” – Bravo Bonez’s approachable baritone enters the mix with a delivery reminiscent of punk-outfit The Horrors. By the time the chorus hits, you’re swimming in optimism as a crystal clean production holds the harmonised hook “Don’t let this rainbow fall”. The drums let loose into a tribal rhythm, and some punching brass joins the outcry. By the outro, strings reel you back to present reality, and Bonez leaves you with a final reminder for the times ahead: “Humanity, humility”.

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