Bravo Victor showcase their musical brilliance on new video Fire And Ice

Newcastle-based duo Bravo Victor began making music together in 2013 when bassist Jono Burgess asked vocalist Sophie Aked to perform Hallelujah for his his tertiary music exam.

How’s that meant to work,” Aked asked. And indeed, I asked the same question when I discovered this duo was made up solely of a bassist and vocalist. But somehow it does work… and it works well.

On their new video for Fire And Ice, Newcastle Duo Bravo Victor deliver a powerful and truly memorable performance that will send shivers down your spine.

Since their 2013 beginning, Bravo Victor have developed themselves into an extraordinarily tight unit that share an unbelievable synergy, and the bands new video for Fire And Ice is a perfect showcase of this.

Captured by Caleb Irwin, the new clip is a visually stunning, yet no-frills approach that highlights the duo’s musical ability.

Burgess’ unique and intricate bass playing is the perfect bed for Aked’s soaring vocals, and together, both members deliver a passionate performance that builds into something truly spine-tingling.

Fire And Ice is the first release from Victor Bravo since their self-titled EP dropped in May last year. Hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer for more.

Do yourself a favour and watch the new video above.