Breaking: Pauline Hanson hospitalised after discovering there are Asian Muslims

It’s been a whirlwind 48 hours for One Nation leader Pauline Hanson.

After a particularly chaotic exhibition on Monday night’s episode of Q&A, Hanson’s week has further taken a turn for the worse after she was allegedly hospitalised upon being informed by a colleague that there are, in fact Asian Muslims.

hanson in hospital

Details remain unclear around rumours that Pauline Hanson has fallen ill after discovering there are Asian Muslims

Although details are still unclear on what exactly Ms. Hanson fallen ill with, an exclusive statement from staff at St. Vincent’s Private Hospital in Sydney indicates that she is suffering from a case of severe xenophobia.

“I was called into emergency at around 7pm on Tuesday evening with word that there was a hysterical old lady that needed assistance,” said Dr. Muhammad Abbass, “I was shocked to discover that it was, in fact, Pauline Hanson.”

“She was brought in by ambulance officers who were called to Ms. Hanson’s hotel room in Circular Quay after a triple zero call-out,” Dr. Abbass continued. “Apparently the patient fell grievously ill after being told by a colleague that there are people in the world who are both Asian AND Muslim.”

Hanson was allegedly brought into St. Vincent’s in a critical condition, bound to a stretcher and muttering gibberish about “hybrid armies” and “building a wall”.

Dr. Abbass’ statement revealed that, although there were will be no long-term effects after the breakdown, Hanson’s mind was “temporarily blown” by the revelation, and that she would have to remain under psychological observation until further notice.