AC/DC fans rejoice! A new study suggests hearing loss could be reversible

It’s no secret that hearing loss has affected countless musicians, and music lovers alike, who have encountered maybe just a little too much high voltage rock ‘n roll in their time, Brian Johnson, included. However, a new study may just be the answer we’re looking for!

Brian Johnson

Worried that you’ve listened to too much loud music in your time? or that AC/DC may never return to their former glory? This study could make your day.

As Ultimate Classic Rock reports, the recent study points to the regenerative abilities of animals as an important key in reversing human hearing loss. Titled the notch inhibitor, it supposedly triggers the growth of sensory hair cells, and it’s now up to scientists to figure out how to duplicate the function in human beings.

If the treatment is successful, it could have a gigantic impact on the world of music, and specifically the rock n rollers who are known to like their music loud. Really LOUD!

One of those impacted by permanent hearing loss is The Who co-founder, and guitarist Pete Townshend, who was one of the first to bring the issue to the publics attention, after his long battle with the effects of extremely high volume performing.

Possibly the most devastating blow comes in the form of Brian Johnson, who retired indefinitely this year after revealing his struggles with near-total hearing loss.

Although he’s been trialling some new hearing aid technology, this slice of research is a glimpse of hope that in the near future hearing assistance may not be needed, and with any hope he’ll perform again.

With Axl Rose replacing him as AC/DC‘s frontman, we can only hope that this case is figured out soon… Way to go science!