Some legend painted over Melb’s Taylor Swift mural with the SpongeGar face meme

If God ever said “let there be perfection”, this is probs what he had in mind…

Yesterdays ‘R.I.P Taylor Swift‘ mural in Melbourne, sent the internet in to a frenzy, and overnight it appears that a mystery artist has already defaced it. With none other than the spongegar meme.


The mural, painted by Lushsux in light of Swift’s recent Kanye West related debacle, copped an immense amount of hate. With Lushsux even likening Swift’s fans to that of ‘jihadists’ and ‘Hitler youth on steroids’ when speaking with Music Feeds.

The re-imaging of the piece come’s after Swift’s rather swift legal team threatened the artist with legal action, via email.

While there’s no clarity surrounding the artist behind the revitalisation, and who exactly they’re throwing shade at, it’s fair to say it doesn’t look to be a message of support for the pop star.

Lushsux discovered the new, and some may say improved, mural after going down to check if any crude images had been added, after someone had painted a penis in her mouth earlier in the day. He told Music Feeds:

“…I went down to hosier at around three in the morning to see if any rabid Taylor Swift fans or other miscreants had added to the mess. Greeted with a Harambe memorial instead of a Taylor Swift. Got to just laugh about that I guess.”

And laugh we all shall.