The Breeders make waves with ‘Go Man Go’ and announce Last Splash (30th Anniversary Original Analog Edition)

Prepare to be swept away by a wave of 90s nostalgia as The Breeders announce the long-awaited release of Last Splash (30th Anniversary original analog edition).

The Breeders, the influential alternative rock band led by the talented Kim Deal, have exciting news for their fans. Their iconic album Last Splash is turning 30 this year, and to commemorate this milestone, the band is releasing a special edition called Last Splash (30th Anniversary Original Analog Edition).

This reissue, set to be released on September 22 via 4AD / Remote Control, will bring back the magic of the album with a stunning analog remastering from the original tapes.

The Breeders Last Splash

Last Splash, featuring the unforgettable hit single “Cannonball,” quickly became a defining album of the 90s. It achieved platinum status both in the UK and the US and holds a well-deserved spot in Pitchfork’s prestigious Top 100 Records of the 1990s. The album showcased the incredible talents of the ‘classic’ Breeders lineup, including Kim Deal, Kelley Deal, Josephine Wiggs, and Jim Macpherson.

The excitement doesn’t stop there. During the remastering process, two previously unreleased tracks were discovered, much to the delight of fans everywhere. One of these gems, titled “Go Man Go,” is being released today, accompanied by a brand-new music video directed by Brandon Weaver of Ironwing Studios. This unexpected treasure adds an extra layer of excitement to the anniversary celebration.

As part of the Last Splash (30th Anniversary Original Analog Edition) release, The Breeders will be embarking on a special tour in September. Fans will have the incredible opportunity to experience the band performing Last Splash in its entirety, reliving the magic of this beloved album live on stage. It’s a chance to immerse oneself in the nostalgia and energy that made Last Splash such a groundbreaking and influential record.

The special edition release will feature two 12″ 45rpm vinyl discs, meticulously crafted to preserve the authentic sound of the album. Additionally, there will be an exclusive, one-sided etched 12″ disc that includes two forgotten tracks from the original Last Splash sessions. One of these tracks is “Go Man Go,” a collaboration between Kim Deal and Black Francis. The other is “Divine Mascis,” a version of “Divine Hammer” with guest vocals by the legendary J Mascis from Dinosaur Jr. This bonus disc will be a prized possession for Breeders fans, offering a glimpse into the creative process of the band during the making of Last Splash.

To further enhance the special edition, the late Vaughan Oliver’s iconic sleeve art has been reimagined by his longtime design partner, Chris Bigg. Oliver’s visionary artwork played a significant role in capturing the essence of Last Splash, and Bigg’s reinterpretation pays tribute to their incredible collaboration while adding a fresh twist.

The Breeders’ Last Splash (30th Anniversary Original Analog Edition) is not only a celebration of the album’s enduring legacy but also a love letter to their dedicated fanbase. It serves as a reminder of the band’s influential sound and their contribution to the alternative rock genre. With the release of “Go Man Go” and the upcoming tour, The Breeders are ready to transport fans back to the 90s, reviving the magic of Last Splash and sharing their extraordinary music with a new generation.

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The Breeders – Last Splash (30th Anniversary Original Analog Edition)

A1. New Year
A2. Cannonball
A3. Invisible Man
A4. No Aloha
B1. Roi
B2. Do You Love Me Now?
B3. Flipside
C1. I Just Wanna Get Along
C2. Mad Lucas
C3. Divine Hammer
C4. S.O.S
D1. Hag
D2. Saints
D3. Drivin’ on 9
D4. Roi (Reprise)
A1. Go Man Go
A2. Divine Mascis


The Breeders – Last Splash (30th Anniversary Original Analog Edition) is out October 22 via 4AD / Remote Control Records.