Breve – Universe

BREVE are the kind of band which has their own solar system, and their debut EP Broken Generation reveals a portrait of stars, planets and meteorites infinitely floating throughout space. The EP, due to be released tomorrow (30th May) is influenced by what the band refer to as ‘the cosmic salad’ and incorporates intricately layered songs which evolve from soft, soothing melodies to an aggressive and foreboding assortment of space-inspired sounds.

breve band

Breeeeve. Breve in the aaaair. Don’t be afraid to caaare.

Their teaser track Universe aligns with the constant theme of the EP, their appreciation of nature and connection to the universe. The track possesses a truly relatable theme amongst all star-gazers who brave cold nights to be reminded of their insignificance and the sublime of the natural world.

Personally, I share their image of movement and inter-galactic admiration which they emphasise through the shadowy, resonant sound sphere. The light piano, transitional synth, minimalistic drum-beat and distorted electric guitar contribute to the sparseness of the track which has been stripped down to basics leaving us with their shaky charm and shimmering charisma.

Mindtease, the demo which they released late last year, was shaped in their modest lounge room and is another track which continues their spacewalk through the galaxy. It is quite ironic that the trio have never played outside their home town yet, they have such universal, profound views which are literally apart from the earth.

Though they are locals from Melbourne, Australia, breathy vocals and contemplative lyrics craft BREVE’s universal storyline which challenges the thought patterns of the working class and more importantly, the actions of the elite. If all else fails BREVE can build their own rocket ship and settle themselves in to Mars, they’d certainly fit in.

BREVE just raised money to buy a shitty van, digitally re-master their tracks and to take their music to the sunny shores of Queensland. In return they’ve promised to refine their cosmic masterpieces and host an awesome house party which we’re all invited to attend!



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