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Brian Eno premieres 300 unreleased works on ‘The Lighthouse’

Forget curated playlists. Join Brian Eno on his new radio station, The Lighthouse, as he offers you a blindfolded dive into a massive collection of unreleased music.

The man needs little introduction, but he sure defies explanation. Brian Eno has launched his own radio show titled The Lighthouse on Sonos Radio HD. Now at 73, Eno is known by so many for his own work and his collaborations. And in true Eno fashion, ‘playlists’ will be randomly selected — there’s no telling what two pieces could be placed next to one another. Eno plans to premiere upwards of 300 unreleased tracks from his 50-year career.

The Lighthouse will feature works at all points of his expansive career. So if you’re a fan of Eno or a fan of ambient music in general, be sure to tune in to this. Eno states: “The music that will be broadcast from The Lighthouse covers a pretty broad period. The earliest track we have at the moment is from 1990.”

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“We will be adding more pieces as time goes on,” says the artist. “New pieces will be entering the mix and some of that will go back even further. You will be listening to a sequence of tracks which will be randomly generated.” We’re already excited that he’s playing unreleased works, but the possibilities of presenting work in this way gives fans an entirely new way of appreciating his artistic process.

He concludes the statement by saying, “Chosen by chance so there is the possibility of odd, I hope exciting collisions — things that are very slow next to things that are very fast next to things that have no tempo, no pulse at all.” If this excites you, you can find recordings of the first show on Mixcloud.


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