The expanded Scott Pilgrim vs. the World soundtrack is set to drop in July

Thanks to its awesome visuals and hard rock soundtrack, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World has built a massive fanbase over the last decade.

Over a decade after the film’s release, an extended version of the soundtrack for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is finally being released. The cult classic was praised for its killer soundtrack, and the role it played in the film’s story. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is based on a series of comics of the same name and combines live-action footage with comic stylings, which along with the soundtrack, gives the entire film a fun tone guaranteed to keep the viewer engaged.

Arguably the most significant part of this new edition of the film’s soundtrack is the Brie Larson version of Metric’s Black Sheep that is featured in the film. Up until now, fans were only able to listen to the original version of the track, performed by Metric vocalist Emily Haynes.

Brie Larson
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Fans have reacted explosively at the news that they can stream Larson’s version of the track from their favourite digital music service. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World sees Larson take the role of Envy Adams, lead singer of fictional band Clash at Demonhead and Scott Pilgrims evil ex-girlfriend.

Other exciting features of the extended soundtrack include various demos of music by Beck, who wrote the music for Scott Pilgrim’s own fictional band Sex Bob-Omb. Director Edgar Wright announced the details of the new release on his Instagram, stating that it would be fully available on July 9th.


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With the film being praised heavily among fans, it’s surprising to hear that the film was a major failure on release, bombing hard at the box office. Despite this, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World remains one of Edgar Wright’s most beloved creations.

Check out Brie Larson’s awesome performance of Black Sheep below.