Britney Spears is fully nude on Instagram again

Britney Spears has become the queen of the thirst trap and is posting non-stop nudes on Instagram while staying at hotel in London.

Britney Spears has posted at least 10 new sexy pics to the gram in the last 10 hours showing that she is really letting it all out since her conservatorship was terminated earlier this year. Basking in the glow of freedom, the global pop songstress bares it all, and treats us to a myriad of awe-inspiring Britney Spears naked pics. 

In one of the posts that has since been deleted, Britney was seen posing completely naked on a hotel bed with a cheeky little flower emoji covering her butt to keep it family-friendly. Honestly, if this is how great her emoji-censored nudes are, we can’t imagine how incredible Britney Spears nude uncensored would be!

britney spears nude
Credit: @britneyspears via Instagram

The singer wrote “Heart or flowers???” in the caption, referring to the emoticons she uses to cover her tuchus. Of course, the answer doesn’t even matter really, because Britney Spears nudes would look great with any set of emojis accompanying them!

In the other sets of near nudes the pop star is seen laying around in nothing but a g-string, cupping her breasts and occasionally hiding the nip slips with more emojis. In the photos Britney Spears ass is covered with a flower emoji. 

“Waking up in London with my Cabo thong !!!” Britney wrote in one post.

ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT” she wrote in another.


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Britney even opened up about the lengths she went to caption all the gorgeous photos, saying she held her phone up with a book and remote control. With that in mind, whether or not Britney Spears nude Instagram photos ever get restored, we do appreciate the efforts she went to, in order to capture the perfect Spears nude pics! 

It’s not certain why one of the more racy shots was taken off Instagram but here’s hoping that the Toxic singer didn’t get that all too familiar ping of post-posting anxiety (yes, I just made that term up).

It seems pretty clear to me that after 13 years of having your every move controlled and every decision made for you, you’d want to lash out a little with freedom of expression.

Of course most of Britney’s fans are loving the new content but some people in the comments are not too pleased.

Hilariously enough one person said Instagram is not the place for such images which leads me to believe they have a very different algorithm to me.

Another commenter wrote “Please stop” which immediately had Britney stans backing their pop princess.

In response, one person said: “i think she do it because she can. One year before… She can’t. Think that’s the reason.”

I couldn’t agree more, as naked Britney is free at last. When Britney Spears poses nude as a conservatorship-free woman, we can’t help but celebrate. Go off, queen!