Are we besties now? Billie Eilish adds entire Instagram following to Close Friends list

Billie Eilish’s Instagram manoeuvre has us preemptively booking bestie dates with the world’s biggest pop star.  

If you’re like this writer, you probably woke up this morning to find Billie Eilish’s Instagram profile picture surrounded by a green circle.

You likely had to do a double take, since this means you’re on someone’s close friends list and the singer has never been to one of your parties (and probably doesn’t even know you exist). 

Credit: Billie Eilish/Instagram

In news that will devastate those of us who hurriedly began booking imaginary friend dates with one of the world’s biggest pop stars (she’d probably enjoy a cheese and wine night), Eilish’s close friends story was not exclusive to just you.

In an unexpected move, the ‘bad guy’ singer added her entire Instagram following (113 million strong) to her Close Friends list, though it seems to be more of a marketing ploy than an attempt at widening her social circle. 

Featuring on Eilish’s Close Friends story was an image of her hand in front of what looks like a night sky, and another photo of a new tattoo on her waist.

While the Twittersphere was quickly set abuzz at the idea of being Eilish’s bestie, it’s safe to assume the star is signalling a new music era; a pretty genius manoeuvre considering the amount of Tweets it inspired (and indeed this very article). 

The move aligns with Eilish’s recent hints that a third album — a follow-up to 2021’s ‘Happier Than Ever’ — is on the horizon.

The singer revealed in February that the project had been mastered, and later changed the profile photos of her social media to a bright-blue image.

The rumblings of an album come amid an already bustling period for Eilish, who recently won an Oscar and Grammy for her Barbie song, ‘What Was I Made For?’. 

Alas, dear readers, but we aren’t the Close Friend of Billie Eilish we’d always hoped to be. Check out some of the funniest Twitter reactions to Eilish’s Instagram move below.