Love a good playlist, turn up the volume on this one and Dr Who it back to the 90s

Australia knew a thing or two about alt rock in the 90s, check out the playlist below for the proof.

As you’ve already heard, it’s Aus Music Month friends, and you know what that means, a lot of Aussie tunes to drown your good self in for the entire month of November. 

Brixton have dropped a playlist to drool over and die for, so get into Aus music month, play this playlist till you have time travelled good and proper. 


Brixton, the maestros who’ve partnered up with us for our annual NITH comp, know a thing or two about music. They’re the brains behind the threads you should be donning, and they’ve teamed up with Rudderless Records’ Ben Leece to curate 5 Wednesdays on Wax playlists, each delving into a different music genre. 

Inspired by the book penned by Australian music journalist and author Craig Mathieson, ‘The Sell In’, Brixton have jumped head first into the realm of Aussie alternative bands from the 90s.

TBH, we have a ridiculous amount of talent in our backyard, and Australia’s indie music scene has been thriving for a long while. But it was the 90s, alternative acts who really took it and ran. Think Tumbleweed, Ben Lee, Magic Dirt, You Am I, Custard, Leonard’s Bride, and Frente – these were the names on everyone’s lips!

So, crank up the volume and let’s revel in the tunes that shaped an era. Aus Music Month, here we come!