It’s Aus Music Month, which means we’ve got some seriously dope Aussie tunes coming your way

You Am I, Boy & Bear, and our fav synth lord, Touch Sensitive are bringing the big guns to Aus Music month.

Alright, it’s Aus Music month friends, and you know what that means, a lot of dope Aussie tunes to drool over for the entire month of November. 

To kick the month off, CUB has announced its bringing the party with ‘LIV LOUD’ 2023! They’re throwing down around $100,000 to show some love to our local live music and hospitality scenes, and that’s what I call a fine start to Ausmusic Month!

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Around 40 venues from coast to coast are jumping on this music train for the first time ever. They’re getting a sweet cash boost to throw live gigs on those chill off-peak nights in November. And guess what? We’ve got some absolute legends in the lineup, alongside some fresh talent like Pacific Avenue and radio champ Matty O’Gorman. You Am I, Boy & Bear, and our fav synth lord, Touch Sensitive are bringing the big guns!

But wait, there’s more! CUB’s also throwing some love to Support Act in December. These folks do amazing work with crisis relief support and mental health programs, and they’re getting a well-deserved boost.

Now, let’s give a shoutout to Ausmusic T-Shirt Day, hitting us up on November 30. It’s Support Act’s gig, where they rally funds for music industry peeps who need a helping hand. You can show your support by picking up an Aussie music tee, throwing a few bucks their way, or even rallying your own fundraising crew.

Clive Miller, CEO of Support Act, is stoked about this CUB initiative. He’s all in for the opportunities it’s creating for live performers, hospitality heroes, and of course, us music-loving punters. It’s a win-win, and we’re here for it!

aus music month

Marcus Knight from CUB wrapped it up perfectly, giving props to Ausmusic T-Shirt Day and Support Act for their critical services. It’s all about standing with Aussie artists and the hospitality crew who keep our Aussie spirit alive.

So, let’s get loud, folks! Head over to CUB’s ‘LIV LOUD’ for all the deets, and don’t forget to check out www.ausmusictshirtday.org.au.

Let’s make Ausmusic Month one for the books!