Brooklyn Nine-Nine decide to re-write upcoming season following death of George Floyd

TV, and the arts in general, should rarely appear oblivious to the world they are created in.

That’s why the upcoming season of police-based show Brooklyn Nine-Nine is getting a rethink.

brooklyn nine-nine
Image – Fox/NBC

Procedural comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine have ditched their writing progress for Season 8 following Black Lives Matter and police brutality protests.

In times like these, reflection is seriously valuable. It looks like the crew over at Brooklyn Nine-Nine have been doing just that. Earlier this month, showrunner Dan Goor announced a donation towards The National Bail Fund, following the egregious murder of George Floyd.

However, this donation wasn’t the end of the team’s efforts. In light of the protests around police brutality and even the recent defunding of the police in Minneapolis, the show’s upcoming episodes are getting re-evaluated. In a chat with Access, one of the show’s stars Terry Crews explained that the Brooklyn Nine-Nine team have decided to restart work on season 8. Head of the show Dan Goor has reportedly thrown four complete episodes “in the trash” and currently, Crews doesn’t know “what direction it’s going to go in”.

It’s some rough news for fans of the beloved show as this probably means a delay, but it isn’t all bad. The Brooklyn Nine-Nine gang have had some deep chats about the current cultural issues the world is facing and are finding a healthy perspective on the situation. Crews further informs: “we have an opportunity and we plan to use it in the best way possible.” It’s warming to see a show with a huge audience take the concerns towards police-brutality seriously and openly.

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