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PREMIERE: Brother duo Ministry of Mars prove that magic can happen anywhere on Breaking Me

Brother duo Ministry of Mars are out to prove that if you’ve got the passion, magic can happen anywhere.

On a recent holiday to Surfers Paradise from their home in Brisbane, brothers Alistair and Jonathan set out with the intention of finishing one song in between activites during their time away. They set up a mini portable studio in their hotel room, and, after a week of intense workshopping, Breaking Me was done.

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Brother duo Ministry of Mars deliver an absolute banger in Breaking Me, an infectious three-and-a-half minutes of summery electro-pop.

Breaking Me details the realisation that sometimes people can lose sight of what they’re out there to do, that the path has become lost and it’s time to get back on. The song questions intention and encourages regaining independence, developing insight and moving back towards a simpler, more honest and more focus-driven existence.

The song was written, recorded and produced by the brothers themselves. It’s the band’s debut single, and is an incredibly mature feat for such a new project. With a sound not disimilar to the likes of Bag Raiders, M83 and Miami Horror, we are certain that Ministry of Mars are going to create a huge dent in the Australian electronic scene. Listen below:

Breaking Me, Ministry of Mars’ debut single, dropped today. Be sure to keep tabs on the band via any of their social media profiles.


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November 30, 2018

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