Bruise Pristine share a huge playlist of killer Aussie tunes

Love From The Underground: Bruise Pristine share a huge playlist of killer Aussie tunes

With their hard-hitting concoction of alt-rock sounds, Bruise Pristine have quickly established themselves as one of Sydney’s most exciting emerging acts.

Since we first heard their EP Not Like You last year, we’ve been completely hooked. So we caught up with the band for a playlist of local Aussie acts that we should all be paying attention to.

Bruise Pristine are one of our favourite bands currently making the rounds… so it’s only fitting that we’d ask them to make us a playlist of all their favourite bands currently making the rounds.

Viral Eyes – Vicious

Viral Eyes are one of our favourite bands from Sydney. Their music is raw and authentic punk and has unbridled live energy with some nice mixed male/female harmonies. We’re very sad to see the departure of their tambourine player who often graced the stage in drag.

Claws & Organs – Somewhere Better

We’ve been following Claws & Organs for a couple of years and they are one of the most sonically dark, interesting and exciting bands around. They are a maelstrom of pure, dark fury – like a gothed up Sonic Youth with extra spikes. Somewhere Better is a killer track.

Mere Women – Drive

The dark melody and frenetic energy of this track is delicious and infectious. It’s like a rapture.

The Bear Hunt – Your Halo Is Loose

The Bear Hunt play rock music that reverberates in your chest and can tear your heart out. Bec has a powerful, husky rock voice that just blows you away live.

Cable Ties – Same For Me

If you’re not fond of Cable Ties, it may be highly unlikely that we can be friends. But seriously, they’re an awesome band that is creating some poignant and powerful music.

Cry Club – Walk Away

We played with Cry Club earlier this year and holy hell they are an unstoppable force. Heather’s voice and stage presence is immense. They have massive post-punk vibes that make you move to the beat and go slightly crazy.

Jules Sheldon – Autophobia

Jules Sheldon is a lovely man and sounds like an iteration of David Bowie that’s walked out of East Berlin. His music is beautiful post-punk pop with a karaoke kitsch edge.

Horror My Friend – Death Hill

We played with Horror My Friend a couple of years ago and have been constantly blown away by their full, grungy sound. They’ve gone from strength to strength and are one of the hardest working bands around. We love their tonality and energy.

A Broken Sail – Silent Taxi

These guys play some utterly evocative atmospheric music. Just float with it.

Dean Forever – Could This Be Ok?

Ethereal, dream pop band from Adelaide who have some gorgeous melodies and sonic textures going on and are wonderful human beings.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new playlist above.