PREMIERE: Melbourne’s Burning Bones releases dreamy, ethereal new track Sad Summer’s Day

Sad Summer’s Day by Burning Bones is a delicate, dreamy new tune featuring KAIAR.

The critically-acclaimed, Melbourne-based artist follows up the pretty, guitar layered Funeral Pyre with a song that evokes the almost child-like melancholy of someone you love leaving you on a bright, warm day.

Layers of electric guitars, gentle cinematic synths, and ethereal vocals evoke a dreamy sense of sadness in Sad Summer’s Day, Burning Bones’ delicate follow-up to Funeral Pyre.

Sad Summer’s Day is slower and features tender string sections underlying steady guitar motifs, with soft, haunting female vocals that waft in and out of the background effortlessly.

Listen to Sad Summer’s Day below.

Although the musician is a bit of an mystery online, Burning Bones recently recorded a song on Hemispheres: Volume II [Side B] by A Thousand Arms. The album is a collection of post rock songs from the Eastern Hemisphere, and features the artist’s David Gilmour-esque Soft Like Silk; Bright Like Gold – a slow, layered instrumental made up of beefy guitars complementing soft string sections.

Burning Bones also released his first, self-titled EP, earlier this year in May. He is also set to release two more songs before the end of the year.

Sad Summer’s Day is out now on all streaming platforms.