Byron Bay trio PLTS unleash an angst-ridden power pop beast with Spill

Byron Bay’s PLTS are a band driven by a relentless urge to make an impact.

Whether it be their tireless touring schedule – which has seen them play alongside everyone from The Amity Affliction to The Jezabels – putting on their own hometown block party, or their hard-hitting sonic endeavours, it’s kind of impossible not to pay attention to the trio.


A crushing cocktail of anthemic hooks, grinding grit and emotive atmosphere, PLTS unleash an angst-ridden power pop beast with Spill.

True to their unwavering productivity, the band are gearing up for a huge end to 2017, with performances at BIGSOUND, and a tour with Hands Like Houses on the cards.

They’ve also just released standalone single Spill, which sees the PLTS returning to their brand of honest, heart-wrenching rock. Lashed with assaultive guitars and howling vocals, it’s as brash and impassioned as we’ve come to expect from the band.

Speaking about the song’s production and themes, PLTS reflect on its angst-ridden roosts and the tight, punchy production that sees the emotion within shine through:

“With ‘Spill’ we again worked with JP Fung due to his intelligent approach to songwriting. His polished execution worked wonders for this track,” says vocalist Kit Bray.

“Lyrically, ‘Spill’ is an examination of the modern love story and how it’s somewhat failing. Taking in to account social pressures, anxieties, drugs and alcohol – the song deals with the letting go and moving on from relationships, capturing that fragile period of acceptance.”

Fung is lauded for his work with Aussie rock powerhouses like Birds of Tokyo, Last Dinosaurs and Castlecomer, and it’s clear he’s the perfect match for PLTS.

Snare and kick drum snaps pound throughout the song’s entirely, coaxing your heart to do the same. The guitars grind with a relentless growl that’s deep and guttural, which is offset wonderfully by Bray’s clean, emotive vocals.

These elements are buoyed by a touch of atmosphere imparted by the furiously picked lead guitars lines that slice throughout the chorus, as well as the scattering delays that bounce around the breakdown as Bray pleads ‘please just give me a chance’.

What you get is a cocktail of crushing power pop, with its fair share of hooks, grit and emotional atmosphere to keep you hanging on for more.

It’s hard to deny Spill is PLTS’ most accomplished work to date. And we’re keen as to see what they do next.

Catch PLTS at BIGSOUND and touring with Hands Like Houses:


Tuesday, 5th September – The Zoo – 8.50pm – 9.20pm

Thursday 7th September – The Brightside (Outdoor) – 9.10pm – 9.40pm

Touring w/ Hands Like Houses

Fri 6 Oct – 170 Russell, Melbourne VIC

Sat 7 Oct – UC Refectory, Canberra ACT

Fri 13 Oct – Metro Theatre, Sydney NSW

Sat 14 Oct – The Triffid, Brisbane QLD