Sufjan Stevens fans rejoice! His Call Me By Your Name tracks are being pressed to vinyl

2017 saw a very exciting film come to the forefront. Call Me By Your Name is a coming of age story exploring sexuality, complicated relationships and adolescence all in the same breath.

Directed by  Luca Guadagnino, the filmmaker approached none other than Sufjan Stevens to contribute his musical genius to the production.

call me by your name sufjan stevens

“We heard this music, and the depths of our commitment to the movie, I think, grew significantly more. And we became enveloped into this magic. We kept listening to the songs for like an afternoon.”

Writing three songs for the film’s soundtrack including the Academy Award-nominated Mystery of Love, Stevens proved himself to be more than a brilliant songwriter and performer, his attention to the nuances of the film are outstanding.

In speaking of the experience working with Stevens, Guadagnino has shared the following:

Well, we were in my living room. It was me, Walter, Armie and Timothée. And I remember it was blissfulness and emotion. It was a great moment, because we were very united already, but it’s something you can’t describe, in a way.” 

“Because you know when you do a movie, you can do a movie as a job, or you can do a movie as a piece of life. And we were doing a movie that was a piece of life, of our lives, intertwined.” 

The tracks Stevens contributed to the film are set to be released on 10-inch translucent vinyl, coming to a store near you and just in time for Record Store day.

Via Billboard.