Camino Gold deliver sun-soaked debut single ‘A Heart Like Yours’

Indie outfit Camino Gold are out to make a splash with the release of their debut single A Heart Like Yours.

A Heart Like Yours carries all those beachy vibes, making it the perfect track to listen to all Summer long.

Camino Gold
Photo: Alex Knocks

A Heart Like Yours was recorded at Sawtooth studios in Newcastle and is sure to pull you in and leave you craving another piece.

Camino Gold are a four-piece indie outfit from the Upper Hunter in New South Wales. What makes this group and their debut track so remarkable is that they only formed in January of this year. With a stellar debut release already under their belts, the group are already proving their impressive skill set and abilities as a collective. 

Camino Gold list a number of influences, including garage rock sound of The Strokes, the breezy vocals of Sticky Fingers and the clean percussion of Turnover.  In many ways, they could almost be the love child of Hockey Dad and The Kooks, combining a beachy rock vibe with flawless indie guitar and lyrics surrounding the complications of love and relationships.

A Heart Like Yours has been produced to utmost perfection delivering the ultimate indie-rock anthem, best enjoyed loud. The gradual build-up of the track works to pull you in, allowing you to soak in every strum of the guitar, every roll of the drum and every purposefully delivered lyric. The only bad thing about this track is that another one by Camino Gold doesn’t follow it, so be sure to get keen for more releases by these legends. 

After playing live around the Newcastle area all year, while busily creating music together, Camino Gold are setting their sights on 2020 to be a massive year. Be sure to keep an eye on Camino Gold and follow them as they release more killer indie music in the new year!

Listen to the new track above.