Can you guess the 3 things that make SSHH happy?

What makes you happy? Given the name of this here publication, it’s a question we find ourselves asking artists more often than not. Got to keep up that branding, you know?

When we asked the fearsome electro-punk duo known only as SSHH, they came through with a set of answers that you’d think we’d heard already. But nope, they’re the first ever to hit us back with a phrase as old as time:

“Sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll.”

sshh sex drugs rock n roll

A fearless punk rock outfit with a string of explosive singles to their name, SSHH are a band with what you could call classic tastes.


“Who doesn’t love good old fashioned shag!? But sex is more than just physical contact for fun (although thats really big plus!). When you make love, the brain releases endorphins that make you feel awesome.”

“It’s also a great way to keep fit! If you’re doing it right, every muscle in the body is engaged and working out. Whether it’s just a quickie or full blown karma sutra vibes, sex is a great way to release tension. Get rid of a hangover.”

“And of course let’s not forget that none of us would be here without sex. So it’s an all-round thumbs up.”


“Now the term ‘drugs’ doesn’t necessarily mean Class A substances. Love is a drug. So is coffee. And adrenaline. Our bodies produce the best high anyway. Ecstasy is just enhancing the serotonin and dopamine which is a naturally occurring substance in every man, woman and child’s brain. Exercise does the same thing by pumping blah blah blah through our bodies that gives a sense of euphoria (and accomplishment).”

If you think about it, pretty much everything around us is a drug in some form. Television – the drug of a nation “breeding ignorance and feeding radiation”. Power is another ‘natural’ high – they don’t say that people get ‘drunk on power’ for nothing! But it depends what kind of power, and more importantly what you do with it if you’re in a position of influence.”

“It’s all a matter of perspective.”

Rock ‘n’ Roll (music)

“Music is a pretty broad term. But it makes us happy across the board. Whether we are making it, performing it, watching it or listening to it. Music has the power to transcend. It can lift you up and take you wherever your imagination wants to go.”

“Music doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, pink or purple, young or old. It’s a universal language that speaks to the soul. Music brings people together. Gives us hope and courage. It can be a shoulder to cry on. Music doesn’t judge you. Music can start a revolution or end an argument.”

“If a picture says 1000 words, music can paint 1000 pictures.”


Friday 9 March – Cherry Bar, Melbourne
Saturday 10 March – Yah Yah’s, Melbourne

Rising Tide, the new single from SSHH, is available now.