Are you the country’s punniest person? Enter Australia’s biggest pun competition

You know, I once travelled the world, entering myself in pun competitions. I entered ten different puns into ten different competitions just to see if one would win. No pun in ten did.

Luckily for me, this March I’ll have another opportunity because Australia’s first pun slam Capital Punishment is returning to Canberra. The event will see the nation’s greatest pun-dits go head-to-head in pure, pun-bridled competition.

There can only be pun! Australia’s first pun competition is returning to Canberra this March… and they’re looking for contestants.

Capital Punishment is a competitive pun slam, challenging you to seize the microphone and fill up 2 minutes with the best puns you can muster,” the event say.

Each contestant will give a two-minute pun-filled monologue on a preannounced topic (past topics have included dinosaurs, Halloween, brain, martial arts, and bureaucracy). Then, in the final pun-off, the two final contestants will pun back and forth until one contestant runs out of puns. The winner will be crowned Puntiff of Canberra.

This all sounds like a really good time, but remember, there can only be pun winner! Do you have what it takes?

Capital Punishment 2019:
Smith’s Alternative, Canberra, ACT
Friday, March 15th, 7pm. $10 entry.

Via Sydney Morning Herald.